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Why Descriptive Scanning? 

The best way to describe Descriptive Scanning is by describing a real life scenerio. Lets say you were given a box of old photos and documents from a relative. If the items had no writing on the backs or if there was no one around to explain the who's, when's and where's, then truly, that gift really becomes nothing more than a box of old photos and documents.

However, if someone took the time to scan, convert, label, caption and add any fun or interesting story behind each photo or document, then that gift now becomes a treasure trove of history - helping you to shape and understand your own family or business legacy for future generations to enjoy and cherish. 

This is a scenario that happened to me and continues to happen as we often  discover old photos and personal records in hidden drawers and old boxes.

Although I was already quite interested in old photos, personal diaries and historical documents, it wasn't until  2004 when I decided to finally scan all of my grandparents and parents 35 mm slides. The problem was that we really did not know many of the people in the photos or where they were taken.  So, I set out to identify the who, what, when and where of each of the photos. It took two years to finish the project but all the photos were scanned saved, labelled and distributed to all members of my family.  Part of our own family history was saved for those in the future to enjoy and ponder. This really was the foundational event around the eventual launch of Descriptive Scanning.

It is through these records and photos that personal and family legacy is preserved. I know you will feel your own sense of legacy after viewing your collection of perhaps 1000's of photos and documents. In the very least, have all your important photos, films and documents digitized either by you as a diy project or through a service.

I look forward to working with you one on one, and I promise the utmost care in handling your historical items. 

Thank you.

Russ Horner

Owner, Descriptive Scanning Canada