• High speed photo scanning up to 8"x11".

  • Oversized scanning up to over 12"x36".

  • Scrap book digitizing.

  • 35mm slide scanning and negatives including oversized negatives.  

  • Two sided photo scanning to save any writing on the back of photos.

  • Removal of photos from albums for proper scanning (unwanted albums are repurposed by donation to local thrift store)

  • Document/photo descriptions, captions and personal story recording.

  • We also scan photo albums, diaries, letters, postcards or other keepsakes.

  • VHS, 8mm, Hi8 and audio cassette tape conversions.

  • 8mm and Super 8 films.

  • Audio cassette and reel to reel tape digitizing.

  • Enhancement options for photos, tapes, films and audio tapes.

  • Cleaning and frame by frame scanning of 8mm and Super8 film.

  • Adobe PhotoShop Photo repair, restoration and touch ups.

  • Unique 3D photo scenes from old or new photos.

  • Slide show production for meetings, personal functions.

  • No charge digitizing/enhancement for veteran or first responder photos (one per family. See Gallery page.)

  • Our goal is to make the process of having your family photos and films, as stress free, easy, efficient and comfortable as possible with friendly and professional service.

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 If you have an old photo of a veteran or first responder that needs to be scanned and/or repaired, we would be honoured to provide that service at no charge.