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       OUR  SERVICES​ 

Our goal is to make the process of digitizing your family photos and films, as easy, understandable and enjoyable as possible, while providing the personal service and quality you deserve.

We provide digitizing and scanning services for:

  • Printed photos

  • Slides

  • Negatives

  • Documents, diaries, letters

  • VHS, 8mm, Video8, Digital 8, VHS C tapes

  • Super8 and 8mm films

  • Audio cassettes and reel to reel tapes

We also provide:

  • Photoshop services for photo repairs and touchups.

  • Slide show services


 If you have an old photo of a veteran or first responder that needs to be scanned and/or repaired, we would be honoured to provide that service at no charge. 

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