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Photo Scanning Packages

Up to 99 photos - $49

100-249 photos - $79

250-499 photos - $129

500-999 photos - $179

1000-1499 photos - $229

(some set up and organizational

charges may apply)

Photo Albums/Scrap Books 

Starting at $2.50 per page.

  • Returned as is or in organized photo boxes

  • Dust removal & cleaning by hand

  • Album handling and/or photo removal and replacement fees may apply.

*Note that many people do not want their photos put back in the albums in order to save space.  

Packages include:

  • 600 dpi scanning.

  • Photos are cleaned and oriented.

  • Red eye removal.

  • Colour correction.

  • Front and back scanning (only if there is writing on the backs)

  • Ordered and numbered as per your instructions.

  • Free 8GB memory stick.

35 mm Slide Scanning

1600 dpi - .49¢ / slide

JPEG Format

Negative Scanning

1600 dpi - .49¢ / negative

JPEG Format

Add Personalized Descriptions

Make your photos and documents easy to find, sort, and share by adding descriptive information such as the date, peoples names and location. This information can be added to the file name AND directly on the photo making slide shows much more enjoyable to view. But the most fun and important of all for future generations to enjoy is to add a brief background note to each photo, telling something interesting about the subjects or location.

File and "on-photo" descriptions - .20¢ per photo

Historical Photo description(approx. 50 words)- .25¢ per photo

VHS,8mm,Hi8 Tape Transfers/Conversions 


$15/tape up to 3 hours. $20/tape 3-6 hours.

720x480 resolution, MP2 format.

8mm/Super8 Film - .30¢ per foot. All films are hand cleaned. Each frame of film is individually scanned.

Photo Repair and Retouch

The price to repair and restore photos depends on the time it takes to repair any damage. Below is a guide for per-photo or document repair and retouch.

A little bit of time - $25.00

Some time - $40.00

Lots of time - $75.00 and up. We will provide a quote prior to any repairs.

Photo Preparation/Shipping

 Place your items in durable shipping boxes. We use Canada Post for return shipping. Standard shipping rates apply. Note that a signature is required for return shipments. Please contact us prior to shipping or dropping off. Please label each box with the information below and with the number of boxes for example 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc.

Descriptive Scanning 

The UPS Store

Richmond Heights Plaza

10520 Yonge Street 

Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 3C7


We will you email you an invoice for our services. Our minimum order is $29.00. Payments can be made directly through the invoice. We accept Visa, MasterCard or Debit cards. 50% is due upon confirmation of order with the remainder due upon delivery (This way, we can easily add or subtract scan or service totals prior to delivery)

Thank you for thinking of Descriptive Scanning for all your  photo/documents scanning, repair and preservation needs.